Going to the Taverna

Jojo sucht das Glück

Group description

  • Target language: German
  • Skill to be practiced: Speaking

The Learning Group
  • Number of participants: 19 (13 male, 6 female)
  • Age: 18 – 50

The learners come from different countries and speak different mother tongues. Languages spoken in class include Arabic, Spanish and Romanian. The educational background of the learners differs considerably with some not having finished secondary school, while others have a university degree. Most learners have little to no experience with ICT and/or online learning. However, they have dictionaries on their mobile phones which they use every day. Some learners have come to Germany only recently (6 months ago), others have been living in the country for up to 10 years. Attending the language course is mandatory for all learners as part of their residence permit or as required by the local Jobcenters.

The Course
  • Course venue: Private language school in Germany
  • Course format: Intensive course (every day, Mo – Fri 4 lesson/day, 20 lessons/week)
  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • Duration: 30 weeks
  • Level: B1.2
  • Course material: Schritte plus 6, Hueber Verlag

The course runs over a period of 30 weeks starting at A0 until the end of B1. Class is every day in the mornings. The course material was chosen by the school from a range of textbooks approved by the Ministry of Migration and Refugees. The course is taught by a qualified teacher for German as a foreign language using the communicative approach.

The course is aimed at participants who wish to live and work in Germany permanently. The aim of the course is enabling the learners to handle everyday situations in Germany, completing B1 and passing an official exam at the end of the course (Deutschtest für Zuwanderer). The main learning goals from the participant’s point of view are improving their German skills to be able to handle everyday situations and find work in Germany and to fulfill the requirements of the immigration authorities and Jobcenters.

Technical requirements
  • Available items at the course venue: computers, internet, wifi, headphones
  • Available items at the participant’s home: smartphone

All teachers know how to use a computer but not all of the learners do. The technical skills differ greatly between the participants. Not all learners have an email account.

The classroom
  • Available items in the classroom: computer, wifi, projector and screen, loudspeakers, 7 dictionaries (monolingual)
  • Seating arrangement: u-shaped, but teachers may change the seating arrangement if necessary



Download the lesson plan in PDF

Please use the comments below for suggestions for changes – following feedback from learners and trainers

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  1. Jessica Borniger says:

    The lesson is clearly divided into the learners and teacher’s roles for the lesson. It focuses on the student talk time with the proper guidance from the teacher – as this is a speaking lesson! The content chosen is appropriate for the B1 level, and the students should already have a good level of conversational German, which will make the activities more fruitful. The materials and class arrangement instructions are clear, and the extra comments are also helpful for the teachers to be flexible and aware of all kinds of learners. Overall, this lesson is interactive and fulfills the needs of a speaking lesson for B1 German, while also including a cultural aspect to learn about Germans!

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