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Group description

  • Target language: Greek
  • Skill to be practiced: Listening Comprehension

The Learning Group
  • Number of participants: 20 (8 men, 12 women)
  • Age: 20-55 years old

The learners come from different countries and their native languages are Albania, Urdu, Arabic, Russian, English and Pashto.  The course is aimed at migrants and refugees and their backgrounds greatly differ. The learners have been living in the country for 6 months to 5 years. The educational background of the learners differs with some students at the level of secondary education and others at university level; some learners need additional help to complete tasks. Most learners have experience with the online learning platform moodle. The learners are familiar with online programs and computers, but their skill level is average. The language course is a requirement for their jobs and for integration into the community. The learners can take the courses from a school or at home.

The Course
  • Course venue: classroom
  • Course format: afternoon courses 3 times per week. Lessons are 90 minutes each.
  • Duration: 2 months, 3 meetings per week with 3 hour blocks.
  • Level: B1
  • Course material: Certified materials for Greek language chosen by the school and teacher.

The course runs over a period of two months weeks to reach a B1 Greek level. The learners must have a basic A1 level to begin. Class is three times a week in the afternoons. The course material is certified learning materials for Greek, and there will be a mix of online and classroom learning, which the teacher and school will decide on.

Technical requirements
  • Available items at the course venue: computers, internet, wifi, headphones
  • Available items at the participant’s home: computer

All learners and teachers know how to use a computer. The technical skills differ but most are experienced; yet some are more advanced than others. All learners have an email account.

The classroom
  • Available items in the classroom: computer, wifi, projector and screen, loudspeakers. The school has dictionaries that can be reserved for lessons.
  • Seating arrangement: u-shaped, two tables pushed together scattered across the classroom. The seating arrangement is flexible.



Download the lesson plan in PDF

Please use the comments below for suggestions for changes – following feedback from learners and trainers

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